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SpyBubble Pro Review

Parents provide their kids with all up to date facilities like laptop, Internet, mobile phone etc. They think that these technologies make their children very intelligent and help to improve their studies. But you will be shocked to know the reality. I was such a parent who provided my kid with a smart phone and that was a great mistake that I did. It was for his 15th birthday, he wanted a smart phone as gift and I bought one for him. From that moment on, he spends most of his time on his phone. I noticed that he is awake though out the night starring at the phone and getting calls at odd timing. These things worried me a lot and I did not know what action to take. Too many questions started to arise in my mind. What is going on with him? Did I spoil him by getting a phone as a birthday present? What is he doing at night with rooms locked? Is he safe or in Satan’s path? To whom is he speaking in the middle of the night? I was extremely worried.

One day I just took a deep breath and started to find a way that would fetch me all answers. First I thought of hiring a private detective to spy on my kid. It was a hard decision for me to get some third person to spy on my own kid. But I had to do it and did not know any other option. But when I enquired the fees I understood how expensive that would be. You should be having a money tree to hire these private detectives. Also if you have a girl child then you should be very careful to handover their private information to strangers. So after considering all the drawbacks I just stepped back from hiring a detective plan.

Got My Solution via SpyBubble Pro

I started to Google and found an amazing product called SpyBubble pro. I was so happy that I came across this. I purchased it and got my problems solved. If you are also a person who is sailing on a same boat then just close your eyes and get SpyBubble pro. SpyBubble pro is for all who doubt that someone is cheating on them and is curious to find it on their own. I will explain clearly about the Spybubble pro so that all confused parents and wife’s like me get a solution to their confusions.

SpyBubble Pro Vs SpyBubble Basic

Spy Bubble was invented to spy on someone whom you feel are cheating on you. This is a product that is used under certain circumstances like:

• Spying a dishonest wife or husband.

• Spying on a child who has smart phone.

• Spying on an employee whom you think is cheating.

• Spying for fun and to prank.

• Spying for the security of your cell phone.


Spy Bubble was extremely affordable spying software when compared to others but it was always under critics. It was mostly criticized because of very low features. So they decided to add some of the lacking features and released Spy Bubble Pro.

How Spy Bubble Pro works

Working procedure is very simple. You have to install a small application the SpyBubble website via web browser to target cell phone. This is an invisible application so it cannot be seen running silently on the target phone 24/7. Whenever the target phone is switched on the application will be running and start its job. Its job is to track down all the communication the target phone makes like sending and receiving calls or messages etc.  A copy of this tracked information will be sent to the member area of SpyBubble pro. The member area of spyBubble pro can be accessed easily. You have to log in to their website and provide your username and password. Now you can view all the spy details. If you are a member of spyBubble pro you can view both the SpyBubble basic plan’s features as well as pro’s features.

Features of SpyBubble Basic plan:

• Spying SMS history: This feature will let you know all the SMS sent and received from target cell phone. Exact time a message is sent with exact content i.e. each and every word is seen.

• Spying Call history: This feature tracks down the exact time a call is made or received to target cell phone. How long the conversation is taking place can also be detected.

• Spying Contact list: This feature lets you know all the phone book details of the target cell phone. Every contact that is being added, deleted or altered can be known.

• Spying the URL’s: The list of URL’s that are browsed with the target smart phone can be tracked down along with the details.

• Spying cell phone’s location: This feature allows us to track all the location the target phone has travelled. The member area provides with a map to follow the exact path the target phone has taken.

• Spying Email: Exact time and content of the email sent and received from target smart phone can be viewed.

• Spying the captured Photos: A copy of all the pictures that are taken from the target cell phone is sent to member area.

All these costs around $49, a one time cost.

Features of Spy Bubble Pro Plan:

• SMS Forwarding: This feature is similar to the SMS history spying from SpyBubble basic plan. But here instead of sending the details and contents of SMS to the member area the forwarding feature forwards them directly to your phone. This action is time saving and the target phone need not have internet connectivity. A duplicate copy of the SMS from target phone is delivered to your phone immediately.

• Spying Live call: This is one of the amazing features of SpyBubble pro. When the target phone makes a call, you will be informed by a text message. Now you have to make call to the target phone, the Spybubble application recognizes your number and picks up the call without ringing. After that you will be able to hear the conversation between them. You will be able to hear the voices crystal clear.

• Bugging the Room: This is also a fantastic feature. If you send a special command to the target phone then its microphone will be turned on and you will be able to hear all that is happening around the phone.

• Controlling the target cell phone: You will be able to control target phone and make changes to their application setting by just sending commands via SMS.

• Remote photo and video capture: A special Spybubble pro message can be sent to target phone to capture pictures and video which can be viewed from member area. Video capture timing is 5 minutes.

• Spy BBM instant Message: Blackberry owners use BBM instant message to chat so if your target phone is blackberry then this very much helpful.

• Spying WhatsApp: Every mobile user recently transfer message, pictures and videos via WhatsApp messenger. So tracking this application is very necessary.

The pro version costs around $89, also a one time cost, and comes along with SpyBubble basic features too.


Both versions, Pro and Basic only work in smart phones. But they work with all the smart phones, available, in the market.

Now you might want to know, if there is a risk free guarantee. And the answer is yes. There is a 60 day money back guarantee. This money back guarantee is provided, by Avangate the company that manages the software sales of Spybubble, and also other company´s that sell other digital products. All you have to to test this mobile spy software, risk free, is keep the receipt that you will receive in your email. If you are not satisfied with the software you can contact Avangate, and just tell them that you want your money back. The money will be returned without questions beeing asked.

So, if you need to know the true,  take a wise decision, and test Spybubble Pro,  now!

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